Agenda & Topics

Trends & Developments in Publishing & Commerce 


  • Global trendsHow publishers are monetising their assets & properties.


  • Opportunities & challenges - Confluence of publishing & commerce brings new opportunities as well as challenges for publishers. A discussion on strategies for re-purposing content in a dynamic world to maximise revenue streams. An overview of the window of opportunity that awaits media and content publishing organisations. Outlining some key strategies for the merging and convergence of content and commerce in the coming future of publishing.


  • New platforms and the gains vs. risksSelling publishers’ subscriptions via Amazon's colossal platform. Is the Amazon model for the future? - Exploring the strategy of selling publishers’ subscriptions via Amazon: a powerful mesh-up & synergy for personalization of digital content and e-commerce. Reviewing the possibilities & opportunities open to publishers as well as risks & long term sustainability.

  • An investor’s insights - On the latest trends & developments in content publishing and commerce. Sharing insights on what & how content publishers are expanding their strategies to further monetise their content properties. For businesses and news media organisations attempting to create future sustainable revenue streams and boosting their revenues in an incredibly crowded and competitive online domain, what are the observations on key handles on how these strategies are developing and a great perspective on global trends and investments?


Rethinking New Models & Streams of Revenues 

  • Why e-commerce may be the real future of publishing - As one of the main options and alternative revenue stream open to publishers and content owners, e-commerce may be that sustainable business model for added revenue streams for publishers, if they can perfect their strategy. A whole new changing of guard has occurred with many rising media who have risen up and built their editorial around their influential role they play in the consumer purchasing cycle. Differing from the traditional counterparts, these rising alternative media are now earning big bucks each time someone clicks on a link in their article and makes a purchase on a retailer’s website. These publishers have also mastered affiliate marketing and commerce-related content (or “comtent”) as their key initiative for the future of their business by creating content their audience care about. Hence products are planned around products from the start, to which the audience show brand affinity and this leads to better conversions. These publishers earn the commissions from the sales made eventually.

  • What publishers can learn from content marketersbeing on opposite sides of the coin in the industry, journalism requires robust editorial content to build brands, engage markets and define opinions while brands need content marketing to generate income and storytelling on the brand. As journalists sometimes work on both sides, there are practical insights on the sharing of resources, future, audience and sustainable profitability for both. This discussion will cover what publishers can learn from content marketing.

  • Native commerce - Publishers can influence purchase decisions by writing about products they know their audience are interested in, and they can own the entire purchase journey and fulfil transactions too. It holds potentially the best rewards of any alternative revenue stream out there and publishers should be uniquely & well placed to sell products to their audiences.

  • Native content strategies - Are we experiencing peak native content as costs rise but campaign amounts do not?

  • Revenues from elsewhere / other revenue possibilities – Revenues coming from outside the publishing arena / other forms of revenue streams. Thinking outside of the box – revenue streams outside the publishing business:

  • White label - Using cutting-edge digital platform to drive leads, engagement and revenues. Concepts such as software-as-a-service business, offering a white label native app providing publishers a low-lift, turnkey solution for launching a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

  • Subscriptions based strategies. Going digital only strategies.

  • Native ad strategies, ad operations and future planning.

  • Blogs and podcasting revenues.

  • Rise of bots & conversational selling

  • Social strategies - leveraging & monetising social media & online communities.

How These Top Publishers Blend Commerce Strategies with Content & Make it Work?

  • This segment will feature several top media organisations sharing their useful experiences / insights -

  • Presentations from The New York Times, The Atlantic Media, Washington Post, Wirecutter, Conde Nast, BBC, FT, Future Magazine, Buzzfeed, Vox Media etc.

Monetising Platforms, Emerging Tech & New Concepts for Content to Commerce & Conversion

  • Content to commerce to conversion monetising platforms, a practical roadmap.


  • Integrating data science and data analysis into content monetising strategies.


  • Key consideration for monetising strategies: How platforms are or are not sharing revenue with publishers (e.g. Facebook with everyone). A current review.


  • How effective and what kind of impact has the growth of programmatic and re-targeting technology been for content to commerce & conversion?


  • More strategies - Dynamic response mobile marketing strategy to convert, and accelerate conversion, generate more leads and increase engagements.


  • Content & commerce and customer acquisition – new strategies for accelerating subscription based businesses.


  • Addressing a current phenomenon - How brands skip agencies and publishers to go straight to the audience.

  • Merchant's insights & perspective - How commerce-related content is the future for digital publishing.

Organisational Capacity & Resource Management

  • Organisational & resource management – An overview of policies, structure, resource and management strategies to best manage and maintain a strong editorial voice and integrity, while ensuring a good balance for commerce related content strategies? Leverage human resources & processes in order to support commerce strategies.

Ethical Considerations

  • Balancing editorial and business: Can media companies also have clients (and the problems associated with doing so)? Should they sell products other than news? The line of editorial and businesses is becoming more and more blurred, so how can we keep it separate? Can we? Or at what point (if any) does the line become erased?

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